Coaches as Expert Change Agents

Coaching has a proven impact: add coaching to an initiative and people will focus on that initiative more.

Add coaching to training and people learn more, up to 6 times as much in some cases. Coaches are like midwives for change: they know when change is coming, when it’s here, when it needs a nudge, and when it’s happening too fast. As change catalysts, coaches assist with managing the speed of change and smooth transition through change. With our understanding of how the brain works – there is an inbuilt resistance to change, and minimising the stress response, and error detection of the amygdala through actions like naming and normalising – we can make this process less painful. Change can be deeply challenging and emotional change required in organizational transition requires hardwiring of new learning through insight and action. 

Coaches are the perfect people to have around to facilitate this process.

Changes can be on the organizational culture and structure level but can also be at individual levels, team levels and conversational levels, e.g.
• Driving the leadership pipeline through integrated coaching solutions – personal and organizational performance change

• Shifting culture by transforming the quality of every conversation – conversational leading to culture change

• Lifting performance by improving retention & engagement – development leading to culture change.

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