LinkedIn do’s & don’ts

LinkedIn is the No. 1 social media plat- form for professionals, with an estimated professional participation, at 83%, accord- ing to Leaders should keep these guidelines in mind to make the most of LinkedIn.

1. Obtain a professional-looking photo with either a work background or no back- ground. Data from LinkedIn shows that users with photos are seven times more likely to be contacted about opportunities.

2. Post your complete work history. That doesn’t mean every single job, but
a picture of your relevant experience. And create a keyword-rich profile to help people find you and your company.

3. Gather at least 50 connections. That brings second- and third-degree connections—those important “weak links” that studies show are most likely to pay off for jobs, referrals and new business.

4. Simplify your URL. Change your LinkedIn settings so that your profile’s web address is simple, like LinkedIn. com/in/YourName, instead of an enor- mous default URL. This way, you can add it to your email signature.

5. Lavish attention on your headline and summary. People see these in search results, so they are your best pitch.
Bonus tip: Model your profile on the bios you admire. You’ll find them on their organizations’ websites.

1. Don’t use the same boring words
everybody uses: including creative, effec- tive, innovative, dynamic, motivated and extensive experience.

2. Don’t be greedy. Or, as one career coach calls it, a “gimme-gimme net- worker” who asks for but never gives help. Swap industry info in a status update or help with a referral.

3. Don’t assume you’re famous. Put- ting “Founder, Wonder Widgets” in your headline presumes that everybody knows about Wonder Widgets. And cares.

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